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2011-09-05 20:18:30 by Razor-Guardian

Back into spriting, planning, animating, and composing for a big RCR project I've thought about since I was 12 years old. Whether I go all the way this time is totally unknown, but my spriting skills are FINALLY up to snuff and I'm making some professional-level character animations. Also, I am now taking an animation class in school. So we'll see.

Taking a break from tricking due to school sports, but here's my latest video from before my break:

Maybe the next update will come with exciting news/an announcement. Time will tell.



2011-04-16 08:26:59 by Razor-Guardian

Even though nobody visits my channel I should prolly update this thing, huh?

New interests have taken hold, namely tricking. If you don't know what that is, refer to this video of me doing it:

That is much of my free time now. I still think about Flash a lot, specifically one RCR project I REALLY wanted to make, but didn't have to time, skills, or motivation to do. But I may yet get that under control someday.

k bye

I posted my latest work, Revenge of the Dragon Twins. It hasn't gotten the reaction that I was hoping yet, but maybe if I give it time it'll grow on people. But I didn't come here to whine, so that's all I'll say on that.

I'm planning on changing things up next time around. Maybe a hand drawn movie? A game? Not sure, but I'm thinking about trying something different for my next submission.

Summertime. Happies.


New plans

2010-02-12 13:51:14 by Razor-Guardian

Hey everybody, it's been awhile.

So RCR: Turf Rechallenged didn't really come to fruition. I know this may disappoint a few fans of my first Flash, but know that a different movie is in the works, also centered on River City Ransom. This one will have official characters - and that's all I'll say.

Stick figure fights were a failed experiment for me, so I'll get back to sprite work in full. Stay tuned for my next submission!


Due to satisfying responses to River City Ransom: Turf, I will soon start working on a sequel. The next Flash will be longer with less talking and more sprites and characters.

Many thanks to those who took the time to vote and review. It really encourages those who have just started out.